Meredith Angwin

Meredith Joan Angwin is the founder of Carnot Communications. She has a Masters degree in Physical Chemistry from the University of Chicago.  She has worked for the power industry for over twenty years as an EPRI project manager and as a consultant, and is an inventor on several patents. Her industry expertise includes:

●  Nuclear power and its controversies

●  Corrosion control in nuclear and geothermal plants

●  Development of geothermal and other renewable resources

●  Pollution abatement methods for fossil-fired plants

●  Improvements for underground electric transmission cable

●  Risk evaluation for gas pipelines

In June, 2012, she was awarded the President's Citation by the American Nuclear Society. 

Her communication skills include writing newsletters and success stories, preparing winning proposals, and speaking at international meetings. She teaches popular science for non-scientists, and is an active member of the American Nuclear Society, Coalition for Energy Solutions, and several social networking sites.  She is included in the Nuclear Energy Experts list at the Nuclear Energy Institute (link here). She serves as a commissioner in the Hartford Energy Commission, Hartford, Vermont. 

You can download Meredith's resume here.

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